Peachy keen – 21

I never know how to start a blog entry off. Like hey how’s it going, how’s life yadda yadda blah. Lately I’ve received some messages from people asking why exactly I wasn’t working, I seem perfectly fine. Why I had a boyfriend, if I was so unwell I shouldn’t be able to hold down a … More Peachy keen – 21

Easy way out – 19

Let’s talk about the big S word.  No not sex. Suicide. I feel like too many people are willing to open themselves up to the conversations about mental illness but shy away as soon as suicide is mentioned. It’s like the Voldemort of mental health. I don’t think people are willing to accept that their … More Easy way out – 19

Can you not – 16

Life has been a tad hectic lately so apologies on the less than average postings!!! Over the next few weeks I will be travelling and getting settled in so don’t expect too many posts. I promise to try my hardest though. The day has come and I am finally starting my journey home. This is … More Can you not – 16

Adam Sandler – 13

  You know in some movies or TV shows there are those people that have a blog that apparently their entire neighborhood reads? Then they start reading their posts out loud and it’s really deep and cue dramatic montage of everyone reading it and taking in everything. I like to think that’s how people read … More Adam Sandler – 13